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Some of my questions, now that I've calmed down a little:

1. Where is Lydia? Is she ok?

2. Gerard faked that letter, right? He just seemed to be overplaying it.

3. OMG SCOTT WAS WORKING WITH GERARD? Does Stiles know? When Scott told Alison that she shouldn't be at the rave, that "they had a plan", he wasn't talking about him and Derek, was he? [I'd actually really be interested to see if Scott didn't tell Stiles, because it would be interesting to see Scott all alone, having lost (temporarily) Stiles, Alison and Derek, all for having tried to protect his mother. Scott's always had support/allies, it'd push him to have to stand alone for a bit]

4. So Scott's mother knows (sort of) what's going on. Surely they won't be able to keep it from Stiles' dad now? (also, OMG the parent/child interactions and freaking out and protectiveness were all so good)

5. Is dead Matt gonna be blamed for the dead deputies? As he was turning into a kanima, is he really dead?

6. FUCK YOU DEATON! I was chortling along when he was laying the smackdown on Derek (thank god the show acknowledges that Derek has been a crappy Alpha), until it turned out that he's a Hale family ally.

What the fuck, dude?

Where the hell have you been while Derek has been falling and failing and being tortured and betrayed and generally being kicked around by the universe since his sister (and Alpha) died at the hands of his uncle?

Perhaps the situation wouldn't be quite so bad if you'd spoken up sooner?

(Not that this absolves Derek for the responsibility for his sometimes dubious life choices, but c'mon).

Also, he totally implied that Peter coming back from the dead is Gerard's plan going how he wants it to, which if that is the case, mind = blown.

(Also also, I totally thought the one person who Derek should trust was gonna be Stiles. I REGRET NOTHING)

7. I'm beginning to think that the message of the show is Secrets Are Bad, am I onto something?

8. The official Teen Wolf tumblr said "We are live gifing tonight’s episode of Teen Wolf with the intention of making you ugly cry. Sorry, in advance." and yet they didn't have a gif of Derek's face when overhearing that Scott only joined the pack on Gerard's orders. How did they skip that?


10. They gave us Stiles lying on top of Derek, the bad guy calling them a good pair, banter, and Derek yet again prioritising getting Stiles to safety (when he told Scott to take him). THANK YOU JEFF DAVIS ♥
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